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Mark Luckie has a great round up of free online photo editors – 21 of them! It’s a top post.
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“Have you ever needed to limit your output file size to a specified amount? Using our constrain file size preset option can help. Produced by Coby Rich, Product Marketing Manager, Sorenson Squeeze.”
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“or at least that was the opinion of one desk editor from a national newspaper that I met during my London trip.”
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“The decline of newspapers is about the rise of the corporate state, the loss of civic and responsibility to inform the public. ” Yeah, because it’s always someone elses fault. Thanks to Mark H.
Doug Fisher replies to Chris Hedges’ post mentioned a few links below. Summing it up – Get a grip!
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A nice map by the sport team. Could really build up nicely in the run up to the games
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The BBC’s Adrian Brown asks why the “US papers are loosing the batterl against the internet”. The piece is about halfway through the podcast but worth a listen. A great package.
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Top tips
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Telegraph video splash Anne Darwin story

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The Grassy Knol: Google's 'attack on media'

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