Shane Richmond has t[weeted that The Telegraph has had it’s first video splash](http://twitter.com/shanerichmond/statuses/866125489) on[ the verdict in the trial of Anne Darwin, wife of the disappearing canoe man](http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/2449104/Canoe-trial-John-and-Anne-Darwin-each-jailed-for-more-than-six-years.html), John Darwin.

Here’s the video:

How much the content reflects the actual article is debatable. It’s obviously something that the Telegraph have been sitting on waiting for the verdict. But there is no denying the power of the video and the colour it add. The audio is the damming bit but the CCTV adds a voyeuristic element to it that earns its right to take the place of a picture. In that respect a few more pictures in the video wouldnt have gone a miss.

From a video point of view, well, actually, on that note…I** don’t think that this is video. It’s multimedia **– pictures and audio illustrating a point. And it’s all the more stronger because of the rest of the stuff displayed around the page.

I think it’s a near perfect web article in that it’s got the bells and whistles but its also got the ***really, oooh, hmmm, ahhahh that a good web article needs to cover

Read the headline: Really? See the video: oooooh, that’s juicy. Read the story.** Hmmm** I wonder how she got away with that. See the related content, ah-ha, that’s how.

Okay, the headline could do to be a bit sexier and bit less seo but who’s picking. A cracking effort.

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