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John shares his outline thoughts on blogging for a talk to his features staff – lucky people.
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It seems a bit like maths rather than video but it’s a top tip for those looking for the best quality on their web video
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Want to know how long you will be sat in front of compressor when encoding? Here’s your ‘how long have i got to get a coffee’ tip
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Might use this as a timley reminder to my students that their opinions and deformation could be the same thing
Hissy fit or genuine line in the sand. You decide…
“The /programmes team have been progressing well with further developments to the /programmes site and now have a useful set of feeds (XML, JSON, YAML and even some txt)” Data to play with
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The muppets explain web video

[Tweet]( bit of fun for the end of the day. A great big hat tip to Adam Tinworth for this. Adam...

Sky news video top stories

[Tweet]( me [accusing it of being the shouty news](, I have to say...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.