Two excellent posts around Audio in my reader this morning, both from [B&H video](http://www.bhphotovideo.com/).

The first, via Peter at shooting by numbers, is called Getting the most out of your wireless system. Many people are using wireless mics in their video set up as, if noting else, it frees your hands up from holding a mic. Good sound and flexibility are the key pros of a wireless set up. But level control and sound quality can be an issue, especially if you are using them with lower range cameras. This article does a great job of fleshing out the issues and offerening good solution.

The second article comes via Matt Jeppsen at Fresh DV. How to Use a Portable Audio Recorder in Field Production, goes in to a lot of detail. The main audience is at those looking to integrate a digital recorder in to a pro-audio set-up. I don’t think many newspaper shooters will be needing to sync timecode boxes to their audio rigs. But there is plenty of good advice.

Also worth checking out is there article on selecting a shotgun Mic. External Mics are my biggest recommendation when it comes to upgrading video kit. A good radio mic and a solid shotgun mic add so much flexibility.

In the UK we don’t have anything like B&H. I suppose specialist suppliers like Canford Audio and a multitude of the smaller gear houses around the country offer similar range and advice. But to have it all in one place and with such useful information. Well, I’m pretty jealous.

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