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Use AfterFX? This free plugin may be of interest to you.
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Some nice embedded ooooh video from This is Bristol. This is the kind of thing that drives nice spikes of traffic.
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Good tips but I would add number 51 – be concise.
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He’s right. They should have. Rather than just assuming that everyone accepts that they are the ‘experts’
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Vegas User? This might be very interesting for you.
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Business and IT journalist/blogger. This round up of wordpress plugins might be very interesting for you.
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For Avid users I have some Avid and Sorenson squeeze related fun
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Getting the best audio in the field

[Tweet]( excellent posts around Audio in my reader this morning, both from [B&H video]( The first,...

How the Broadsheets use video : The Financial Times

[Tweet]( far, in my little round-up of how the UK broadsheets are using video,  I’ve looked at [The Times](http:...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.