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If you are looking for reference stuff whilst getting to grips with video, you’ll find lot of nice ‘tutorial’ style videos on all aspects of video at[ ExpertVillage](http://www.expertvillage.com). Like this intro to audio for video:
[Audio for Video Interviews](http://www.expertvillage.com/video/130949_audio-for-video-interviews.htm) — powered by ExpertVillage.com
A search around will gind you lots more.
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How the UK Tabloids use video: The Sun

[Tweet](https://twitter.com/share)Last week I looked at how the [UK broadsheets where using video](http://www.andydickinson.net/2008/07/31/the-top-ten-tips-for-newsaper-video-from-the-uk-broadsheets/). It...

How the UK Tabloids use video: The Star

[Tweet](https://twitter.com/share)This week I’m looking at the way the UK tabloid newspapers use video taking one newspaper a day. Yesterday it...

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