Over the last two weeks I’ve been looking at how the [UK national tabloids](http://www.andydickinson.net/2008/08/11/top-tips-for-tabloid-style-newspaper-video/) and t[he broadsheets use video](http://www.andydickinson.net/2008/08/11/top-tips-for-tabloid-style-newspaper-video/) on their websites. It yielded some interesting results in terms of getting a feel for the general practice and areas of interest.

To keep things rolling and get a little balance I decided I would continue with a look at the way the regional press are using video. But before I kick off, I wanted to say a little bit about what could be laughably be called by methodology.

Now the regional press is a considerably bigger constituency to work with, so I have narrowed it down to five evening papers. I did this on the basis of the circulation figures.

I asked the good folks of Twitter what the top five circulation regional papers where and got a great response. A big thanks to Joethedough (and his vip contact), foodiesarah, alisongow, nigelbarlow and psmith for your help.  It was Patrick Smith pointed me to a Press Gazette article that listed regional papers by circulation which I used as my starting point.

Going through the list I originally thought I would look at the top five but I’ve mixed things up a little and expanded the range to get the high circulation papers and a mix of the big providers – Johnston Press, Trinity Mirror, Guardian Media Group, Northcliffe.

So the selection was not scientific in the least and I haven’t checked all of them to see if they actually do video. So if anyone feels like something should have been there then let me know. But here is the list (with a link to the Newspaper Society database which I used to check the owner)

Here is the list of sites I will be looking at over the next few days.

  1. Express & Star (Data)
  2. Liverpool Echo – (Data)
  3. Manchester Evening News – (Data)
  4. Belfast Telegraph – (Data)
  5. Leicester Mercury. Actually the Hull Daily mail– (Data)
  6. Yorkshire Evening Post – (Data)
  7. Bradford – Telegraph & Argus – (Data)

Brace yourself

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