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An FCP tip for HDV camcorder users
Apect ratio problems with FCP – try this
Mark's excellent little video on the highs and lows of being dugg
A great resource for mapping electoral regions in the UK. From parishes to Eu regions.
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A split edit, a J-cut or an overlap. Doesn't matter what you call it letting the sound lead the picture when you cut is one way to add polish to your edits. This great tutorial gives you the low-down (aimed at FCP people but some broad reference as well)
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Mike Jones has a nice link to an overview of the art of good shot composition

How the regional papers use video:Part One

[Tweet]( the last two weeks I’ve been looking at how the [UK national tabloids](

Have you got my number Ray...Number10tv goes online

[Tweet]( [Number10 has gone online]( with a [wordpress powered website ](   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.