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Rory covers an apple event with consumer tech. Great video of the moving mouth of Cellan-Jones. Seriously though, it's useful to have examples of the MSM trying this stuff out and refelcting on it properly.
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If walking in to a lampost is the less serious (but no less painful) side of journalism then this is the serious stuff.
You and everybody else.
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Who says TV reporting is easy? Shadenfreude? Maybe, but I would be lying if I said I hadnt done the same with a camera on my shoulder
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Old man likes porn shock!
FIled under the "things I was doing but now don't have to" section, this is a great list from Alf
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Project:Report - Who is this for?

[Tweet]( An interesting challenge both in terms of the competition and what it says to the industry. But a thought struck me....

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[Tweet]( [Chiclet generator – RedKid.Net]( neat little app, one of many on this kid...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.