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David expands on his thoughts about the conventions of video and their value (or otherwise).
Really interesting site about arab media
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An interesting perspective from Lebanon " the new Al-Akhbar look and content is one response from the Arab written press to those who believe that newspapers have nothing new to offer at a time when all eyes are on New Media."
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I was struck by the balance of images compelling in their own right and those that needed the caption to tell the story. Not sure what that 'says' about how photojournalism works but made me ponder the power of words and pictures combined
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"In the very near future, the distribution of online video will soon cease to be seen as a threat, but rather as a fundamental distribution solution that can be personalized on desktops, phones and tv’s alike." and other reasons why we don't need to reinvent video
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No they don't. They just need to take the best bits and integrate them in to multiplatform articles. re-inventing is a waste of time, effort and, well, it's pointless.
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Mike Jones has a great post on spotting and dealing with different ratios of content.
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"What matters is that the managing editor is trying to build paid print circulation, while the general manager wants to increase both paid circulation and web traffic. Like other newspapers, disagreement exists on whether those two desires are mutually exclusive. This is the difference that we must solve before our website can move forward."
One for the FCP users out there : "Simply drag items from iTunes or the Finder over the Loader tab and it slides out to reveal a list of currently open Final Cut Pro projects. Drop the items onto the desired project and Loader handles the rest."
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NCTJ create Video training resource

[Tweet](’m back in work after a stint of what’s known around here as freshers flu. (all the new students...

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