[Kristene Lowe](http://kristinelowe.blogs.com/kristine_lowe/) left [a comment on my post about getting out of the office](http://www.andydickinson.net/2008/11/03/there-are-no-stories-on-the-web/#comments), even it’s just in a virtual way, saying that one of the reasons that journalists get out of the office less is that * “online journalism has become centered around traffic, best achieved by volume, and rewriting stories”*

She continues:

In fact, in today’s media reality many editors don’t dare to let their journos out of the office, as it might bring down their production due to time spent travelling etc, unless it’s to some big conference they know will generate plenty of copy (in which scenario, you might not find time to actually TALK to people while there).

So it was interesting and timley that Kristine posted a job ad she’d seen on:

Are you dreaming of traveling? Do you want to write long feature stories? Do you enjoy writing comprehensive profile interviews? Are you interested in writing about international politics? Do you think printed newspapers are more exciting than the web? Then you don’t need to apply for a job at Varden.

*We are looking for a competent journalist for our newly created central news hub. You have to understand what readers are interested in; have good journalistic instincts and comprehensive local knowledge. High speed, a good attitude and an understanding of new media is a must. *

She admits it was a hasty translations. Still perhaps in job ads, as in life, honesty is not always the best policiy.