[Michael Rosenblum @ Society of Editors 08](http://vimeo.com/2212523) from [Paul Bradshaw](http://vimeo.com/paulbradshaw) on [Vimeo](http://vimeo.com).

Michael Rosenblum has been doing his ‘sky is falling in’ schtick again this time at the recent society of editors do. Thanks to some spiffing video from Paul Bradhaw Rosenblum’s view has been stirring up some nodding comments of agreements.

One of the things I like about seeing Michael talk is not because of what he is saying. I like it to see which arcane ‘industry’ from the past he’ll pick to compare the industry to.  Last time I saw him it was the ice industry. He’s great value.

But is that why people listen to Rosenblum?

Say what you like about Michael, his message is always pretty consistent and in the best tradition of a good sales pitch contains an unarguable truth –* you can’t carry on as you are*. But there is nothing unique about that message. A lot of people have been saying for a long time especially with respect to video.

So is it his success rate?

Well, there are certainly those who have benefited from his way of doing things but there are plenty of other projects that have had mixed reaction and success. Michael has as many doubters as fans.  I’m a fan but I don’t think he has an answer that works across the board.

So what is it? Here’s my theory.

Like for like

Micheal gets listened to, especially at events like this, because he looks like the majority of people in the room. He is a senior-management/executive talking to a room of senior-management/executives about what they should do.

Is that a poor reflection on Michael? Of course not. He has a view to pitch and aims it really well. It’s more a problem with his audience.

Many people are listening to Rosenblum because they are hearing the message for the first time. That doesnt mean Micheal has anything new to say. It means that, too their shame, the people in the room have not been listening up until that point.

As suprising as it may be to them, there are people in their organisations who are as knowledgable and passionate about video as he is. They may have more experience of the particular problems in their company and more direct suggestions to help solve them.

They may not give as good a show but they may give as good advice.