Inspired by Mark S. Luckie and [his fantastic map of US newspapers using youtube](http://10000words.net/newspapers-on-youtube.html) I thought I would give it a go for the UK. The result (nowhere near as nice as Marks) is a real mix of pipes, maps and google docs. So it isn’t neat but it kinda works. If you notice that there is a paper missing then you can use the form at the end of this post to add it. [View Larger Map](http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=http:%2F%2Fpipes.yahoo.com%2Fpipes%2Fpipe.run%3F_id%3Db995e7de4343f67d9e417cfec81c6443%26_render%3Drss&ie=UTF8&ll=54.20101,-3.339844&spn=8.361071,11.008301&z=6&source=embed)

The map includes regional and national press and there may be some accounts linked to more than one paper as the publisher may only have one website for that area. There may also be some accounts listed that are no longer used or vary rarely updated. They still carry content so they i’ve kept them in as a ‘presence’.

I was interesting to find a number of individuals using their accounts to host the papers video. Nice in the sense that they were having a go but also a little disappointing in the lack of support. Still, I suppose that’s innovation for ya!

I’m slowly formulating a ‘state of the medium address’ on video which I’m hoping to get headspace and time for before xmas and this has added a bit of food for thought. But, in the meantime, you can judge the quality and the effectiveness yourself by taking a look at the the latest 20 videos from these sites below (another pipe which takes a while to show up) which at some point I will try and append with view stats etc.