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From Flickr by Guerrilla Futures = Jason Tester
I don’t really have any new years predictions this year over and above the [one](http://www.andydickinson.net/2008/12/19/2009-is-the-year-of-the-journalist-carnival-of-journalism/) or[ two ](http://www.journalism.co.uk/5/articles/533108.php)that I’ve been asked to give.  Even then, the reaction to those has shown me that the current climate, predictions are a bit of a hostage to fortune.

In my positive predictions post for the recent carnival of journalism I threw together a quick graph to show the decline of traditional media brand over individual journalistic brand. One commentator, following the curves on the graph, had the trad-brands gone by 2012.  Of course what I should have added, in the positive vein of the post, is the upturn the trad-brands would get if they were more savvy about the way they work with their journos.

That’s off the cuff graphs for you.

Still, that gave me pause for thought in terms of the way my thinking has changed over the last year or so and how things will develop in the coming year an rather than predict I thought I share some things that I’m convinced of; things that need to change.

  • Broadcast thinking will be the heart of successful print models this year.
  • Print organisations will need to open source some or all of their content management system if they want to stick with corporate templates
  • Point-and-shoot, mojo video is the predominant form for newspaper video but organisations will still need to develop a quality video strategy
  • Any journalist who hasn’t tried Twitter should re-think their career

I’ll expand on those this week.

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