This is what’s been turning my head today:

Special mention to a series of posts by Sam Shepherd responding to Roy Greenslade’s “no reason for subs” thoughts

  • Subs v Greenslade (part one) « Subbed Out? – “to write off every sub outside London (and every sub that doesn’t work for a tabloid) as non-creative, a purely mechanical beast that simply chops copy to fit a box it didn’t even design, is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing he’s ever said.”
  • Greenslade v subs (part two) « Subbed Out? – “Take away local subs, who care about and are proud of their pages, who know what the paper is and what its stance is on everything from how it reports suicides to in what context you can use the word interweb, and you take away part of that personality.”
  • Subs v Greenslade (part three) « Subbed Out? – “So when a story breaks and you’re running constantly updating copy on the web you’ve got a sub who can make it accurate, make it clear, make it interesting, make it sing – in both the old sense, and the new SEO sense – and finally do it fast, like in the old days of deadlines. Exciting for them and for the reader. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?”

Deep breath…and…relax

Have a good weekend