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How’s about that for an offer?

As part of their Meld initiative we are working on a project called InFuze. It is offering freelance journalists and content producers looking to update their skills for a multiplatform world a FREE six week course.

InFUZE is looking for talented professional Journalists wanting to learn how to produce cutting edge content for TV, radio, online and mobile. The course features input from top creative and technical talent from the industry as well as a 4 week paid placement in a digital newsroom.

The 6 week programme developed by the BBC and UCLan’s School of Journalism, Media and Communication Meld team starts on March the 23rd.

The course is split in to three parts. An intensive week of preparation including input from industry to help get you ready for part two.

Part two is a 4 week placement within industry to try out your ideas. You won’t be working for free – each placement is supported by a bursary.

Part three sees you coming back for another week of debriefing, development and support.

All we want in return are your ideas and your enthusiasm.

So if you fancy a FREE six week course with a paid work placement then you can get more detail and apply online at the meld website.

Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions or you can get in touch via twitter at @digidickinson

Go on. You know you want to.

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