I’m getting back to my roots this week with lots of video stuff including my Newspaper video survey. So it was nice to get an email from James Cuff at the [South Wales Echo](http://walesonline.co.uk "South Wales Echo") who gave me the heads up for a video he produced as a promo for their re-design:

Your Echo through the ages from James Cuff on Vimeo.

How cool is that.

How did he do it. In a nice piece of cross-promotion for the video James told Walesonline.co.uk

“I filmed several of our journalists, who feature both in print and online, in our new green-screen studio before animating the elements in After Effects and editing the final video to a soundtrack.”

Green screen! After effects! Well, James does have a multimedia degree. But to have that kind of production skill in house is a coup for the paper. It shows through in James’ other video work.

Now my advice would be to take advantage of the advertising downspend and get some prime TV space for the ad whilst it’s cheap. Really get that disruptive strategy working

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