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Adam Westbrook is a radio journalists who has been experimenting with video. He has a great post on his blog about how tricky juggling the needs of different mediums can be and, as the picture above proves, he wasn’t just trying this out at the local council meeting.

He has a nice set of tips on how journalists should approach a multimedia story:

  1. with a good knowledge of each medium

  2. with a plan of what the final products will be

  3. with a variety of treatments: do some stories in just video, do others in just audio, rather than repeating the same content in different mediums

  4. with a good bag which can carry all your equipment, and a notebook for logging everything and planning the final product

  5. with a small digital camera- take a photo of everyone you interview in audio, for audio slide shows

  6. smaller and lighter is better

  7. when you arrive somewhere new, think over your video first of all, as getting the right shots is more complicated than getting the right audio or stills

  8. and don’t just think in terms of audio, video or still images..what about interactive timelines, potted histories and discussion boards? If your final platform is online then all these are options  you can bear in mind.

The rest of Adam’s blog is worth checkingout too.