I know, I know I said I had closed down the blog (apart from the results of the video survey. Which are still coming by the way) but I though the blog was the best place to plant a flag for this.

Myself and long term partner in crime Paul Egglestone (@digitaldocs) had a chat with some of the good folks from the BBC College of Journalism last week about their plans for a conference around the much vexed subject of the Future of Journalism that would be based in the North West. Why the north west? Well the obvious answer is Media City but they also wanted to get the debate out of London and around the country.

That sounded like something to be involved with. After all the stuff that we have been doing with Meld and other projects this was our kind of gig.  So along with colleagues at UCLan we are working with the beeb to try and sort something else out.

The working title for the conference is Open

The idea is to run something around the back end of this year. I guess that would make it Open09 if you like.

The general consensus was that this needed to be as open an agenda as possible – hence the name. So I’ve been asking around as to the subject areas that people thought might be interesting to go at and make it as near an un-conference as dammit.

I fired a quick tweet out last week to see what people would want to to talk about and got these replies.

twitter-_-digidickinsonCan’t guarantee the ashes to ashes one would make a panel – although the future of journalism chaired by Gene Hunt would be a cracker.

Of course any conference with the BBC is going to have to give some time over to asking the BBC just what their plans are in this future of journalism. But this is also a great platform to get some good speakers and industry people to jaw with.  It could be paywalls, micropayments, new technologies; whatever takes your fancy.

So these are early stages but I’m going to keep asking- **who and what would you like to see at a conference on journalism and its future in the NW? **

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