A few years ago I wrote [a little plugin called Feedback by Paragraph](http://www.andydickinson.net/feedback-by-paragraph-plugin/) (feedbackBP). It added a little link at the end of each paragraph in a post which, when clicked, popped up a comment box so you could comment on parts of a post not just the end. Why?

This plugin was written to help me feedback comments on blog posts to my journalism students who use wordpress as a base for their online publications.

It was based on an idea I saw at http://newsmixer.us which allows users to comment or ask questions on a particular paragraph. The creators of newsmixer are looking to turn the thing in to an API with a wordpress plugin which would be cool but seems a little way off.

The closest plugin I could find is one called marginalia (http://marginalia.cc/) which looks very nice but doesn’t seem to play well with WordPress 2.8. So I’ve written Feedback by Paragraph to fill the gap.

One of the great things about developing a plugin is that you get the occasional reference in your logs as people install them. I’ve seen a number of interesting sites as a result. But the best feedback comes from comments and from trackbacks for the occasional mention the plugin gets.

I had a bit of free time and thought it was time to dust of feedbackBP and see if I could tweak it. One thing lead to another and the result…MCEngine.

It’s a bit of leap forward (in functionality if not in my coding skills) but the beta is now available if you want to give it a go.

Let me know what you think.