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Broadcast thinking will be the heart of successful print models: New year convictions

[Tweet]([![Not that TV model! Image from Flickr by C-Monster](

The EU, blogging, community and ownership

[Tweet](’t twitter great (when it’s working). [Mark Comerford]( shared a [link to a report on...

Transparency: Don't look at me...

[Tweet]( number of browser tabs to consume already today – damn the reader. But rather than tag them all to delicious I...

Bob Eggington on BBC online

[Tweet]( stuff from [Bob Eggington,  one of the founding fathers of BBC Online, in todays Guardian](

The story is dead. Long live the story

[Tweet](![What's the story]( Image by Kaptain Kobold...

Paxman and pathetic attempts

[Tweet]( Robin and Alf ( thanks guys) posted on the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman *“arrogance or a joke that misfired?” *about submitting videos...

CJ and the olympic torch.

[Tweet]( of my hols and my first post using WP2.5 – very nice so far. Anyway, I have a lot of...

Peter Horrocks: BBC mulimedia chief gets vlogged

[Tweet]([![Vlog butterfly](](

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