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Why the man who tweeted Osama bin Laden raid is a citizen journalist (but why he might not care)

[Tweet]( of interest in [@ReallyVirtual]( at the moment. Sohaib Athar an IT consultant in Abbottabad Lahore...

#cnnfrontline:video of the mobile and journalism event

[Tweet]( good folks at CNN have posted a cut down version of the disscussion about Mobile and journalism that I [blogged...

#cnnfrontline Mobile and journalism: Part one- some clarification

[Tweet](![Big cameras at the Frontline](

The holy grail of digital media


Video bullies its way on to the updated CNN website

[Tweet]([![The new CNN homepage](

ireport the death of newspapers

[Tweet]([CNN’s ireport has posed an interesting question]( > Faced with declining readership and...

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