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Playing to the audience

[Tweet](*…in which I mangle a metaphor in search of a thought about the relationship between journo and audience.* Time was that...

Communities and the "big enough" society.

[Tweet]([![Launch of Big Society programme](

Want to know the answer...ask a journalist

[Tweet]( know, I know. I’m supposed to be taking a rest from blogging.  Well, it’s getting close to term...

There are no stories on the web

[Tweet]([‘ve been pondering that]( titular mantra for while now. I’ve got...

The virtuous circle of journalism process

[Tweet]( a quite word of thanks dear reader to [Mr Kevin Anderson](

Community, audience and Journalism

[Tweet]([![]( "community")](

I won some money

[Tweet]( have won some money (well, funding) to do some research. This is both good (it’s always nice to win)...

Dealing with comments

[Tweet]( the recent [issues the guardian seem to be experiencing with comments](, perhaps...

Journalists and online etiquette

[Tweet]( [latest column by The Guardian’s Readers’ editor Siobhain Butterworth, makes interesting reading](

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