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Pages of pages: Journalists and (self)promotion

[Tweet]([![promotion]( "promotion")](

Living stories comes to wordpress

[Tweet]([![]( "The War in Afghanistan")](https:...

Digital job hunting

[Tweet]( week I gave a short lecture to broadcast (and a smattering of magazine) students about using the web to help...

No such thing as free money to save the local press

[Tweet]( I was leafing through the Guardian on Saturday morning I came across an article with the rather alarming headline Google...

Google translate: Sports Journalism in any language

[Tweet]([![参加Google上海GTUG大会的参观证]( "参加Google上海GTUG大会的参观证")](

Cool google and wikipedia mashups

[Tweet]([![A map of population centers generated using wikipedia](

Interesting stuff for Tuesday


2009 is the year of the journalist - Carnival of journalism

[Tweet](’s[ Carnival of journalism]( time again and having sat out the last one (sorry Adam) I thought...

French Media say Non to Google help

[Tweet]( Scherer at AFP newsnet has an interesting roundup of the French media’s reaction to the head of Google News,...

Google: A future Champ

[Tweet]( slight disruption is service has been down to a [music festival – very good]( – and quick visit...

The Grassy Knol: Google's 'attack on media'

[Tweet]([![]( "Google Knol")](

Times online and google maps

[Tweet]([![Times online map](](http://www.timesonline....

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