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Journalism is not shorthand for defunct thinking.

[Tweet]( spent the last two days [in a room with lots of arts and humanities academic]( at...

Journalism is not a profession, it's a diagnosis.

[Tweet](  [![]( "ward")](

Interesting stuff for Tuesday


The Grassy Knol: Google's 'attack on media'

[Tweet]([![]( "Google Knol")](

Photojournalism Ethics is an ivory tower.

[Tweet](’m often reminded as my status as a lecturer. It’s usually in that* ‘it may work for you in...

Braindump -owning up to ownership

[Tweet]( has done a good job of getting in the way of things – shows up my inability to multi task doesn’...

It's mine ya'hear. Mine. All mine: Ownership and innovation

[Tweet]([![From Flickr user Andyi](](

Interesting and motivating stuff

[Tweet](’m involved in two days of an exciting[ Meld project]( and as part of that I am...

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