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What instagram tells me about newspapers

Dear reader, I have an admission to make. I got caught up in all this talk of the end of days. I know, it was foolish...

Death Knocks

[Tweet]([![IMG_3176 Door Knocker](](http://www.... Multimedia review site

[Tweet]([![]( "Finding The Frame")](http://www....

No such thing as free money to save the local press

[Tweet]( I was leafing through the Guardian on Saturday morning I came across an article with the rather alarming headline Google...

The price of transparency

[Tweet]( price of transparency is £5. At least that’s what it will cost you to see the whole of this...

Students don't read newspapers Shock!

[Tweet]([![Sherlock Holmes in "The Red-Headed League.](

iherald - newspaper group clones facebook

[Tweet](![iHerald - it's facebook for local people](

Point and shoot will dominate but you still need a quality strategy: New Year convictions

[Tweet]( third of my recent new year convictions was **Point-and-shoot, mojo video is the predominant form for newspaper video but organisations...

Broadcast thinking will be the heart of successful print models: New year convictions

[Tweet]([![Not that TV model! Image from Flickr by C-Monster](

How the regional papers use video: The Bradford Telegraph and Argus

[Tweet]( of things have got in the way if finishing my little [review of what the top regional papers are doing...

How the regional papers use video: The Belfast Telegraph

[Tweet](’m back from my holidays refreshed (and a little fatter) so its time to restart my review of [ the way...

How the regional papers use video: The Express & Star

[Tweet]( week I’m looking at what the UK regional evening newspapers are doing with video. I’ve selected ([using a...

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