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QGIS and the joy of maps at the FT

A fantastic inside look at how the FT design maps reminded me why QGIS might be worth a look if you're into mapping your data....

Mapping Drone near misses in Google Earth*

My colleague Andrew Heaton from the Civic Drone Centre set me off on a little adventure with mapping tools when he showed me a spreadsheet of...

Mapping street level crime in an area

A little while ago I was playing around with the API at looking at a way to pull the data into a google...

Fusion tables and maps: Post office map revisited

[Tweet]( few years ago I wrote a post about *[mapping post office closures using google maps and yahoo pipes](http://www....

Cool google and wikipedia mashups

[Tweet]([![A map of population centers generated using wikipedia](

Norwegian (and polish and Portuguese) papers using youtube

[Tweet](![A map of Norwegian papers using Youtube](

Turning dog poo in to stories

[Tweet](’ve been spending a lot of time doing prep for teaching and training that I’m doing at the moment....

Times online and google maps

[Tweet]([![Times online map](](http://www.timesonline....

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